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Partnering with your team to revolutionise your sales strategy and drive success.

Inspire and Motivate

Motivational Talks

Inspire your team to remove restricting beliefs and rise above and beyond in the face of challenges and the pursuit of your business goals.
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Enable Success

Strategic Sales Training

Help your team win better deals and build foundations for strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with your prospects and clients.
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Spur Action


Ongoing support, coaching and mentoring for your team to ensure the have the guidance and tools to deliver when it matters most.
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"You have a tremendous character and style, and I cannot let it pass without my documenting how really impressed I am with your approach, style & knowledge. Great work genuinely and we are so fortunate to work with you."

Dedicated to empowering and enabling talented executives to be their best and deliver their best.

Founder Carrie Knox has more than 20 years of experience in international business, strategic sales and account management, which she now passionately combines with her personal experience as an arctic adventurer to deliver training, mentoring and motivational talks to help executive sales teams exceed growth targets and increase client retention and profitability.

“My mission is to work with your team to help them to think bigger, overcome limiting beliefs, implement effective sales strategies and confidently take on new challenges – even those that might appear daunting at first!”

"Really inspiring and I know from speaking to a few of our members afterwards, everybody thought both the talk and delivery was fantastic! Hearing about your experiences and the learning you took from it was really thought provoking."

– Manheim Inc.

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